Managing Museums & the Arts with Care

Our program uniquely combines museum studies and arts management curricula, and as such draws diverse cohorts of students from across the performing arts, visual arts, and music, but also from the sciences, history, anthropology, and more. At each stage of the program, we are committed to fostering the perspective that management offers an opportunity to engage with people, and to make a difference in community well-being. To this end, we connect our students with a rich network of experienced faculty and professional mentors who are immersed in the world of arts and museums.


Our values-driven program gives you the tools to be a reflective, compassionate, and competent leader.

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We believe the arts and museums can help everyone thrive. We strive to enable human flourishing in our program, in our fields, and in the world around us.


We recognize that everything is linked, from the systems within a single person to the larger systems across time and space. Our program honors the networks and relationships that exist within and among our fields.

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Flexibility, versatility and adaptability are vital skills for survival in today’s world, and together they enable resilience. Our customizable program builds in resilience while at the same time, teaching it.  

Degree Areas

Master of Arts

Our Master of Arts program uniquely combines museum studies and arts management curricula that allows students to customize their knowledge and experience.

Graduate Certificates

Two certificates are available to both current MSU graduate students in any program and working professionals interested in professional development in their field.

Undergraduate Minors

Students in other MSU majors can study arts and cultural management or museum studies with our two minor degree offerings.

Undergraduate Certificates

Students in other MSU majors can study arts and cultural management or museum studies with our two undergraduate certificate degree offerings.

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“Our work is to engage people.”

Debbie Mikula

ACM & MS faculty member and Executive Director at Michigan Library Association

Featured News


MSU Researches a Neurodiverse Approach to Theatre Education

One of the first of its kind in the world, Michigan State University’s Department of Theatre has produced a play that is written specifically for an audience that is neurodiverse, which are variations in the human brain that are commonly characterized as autistic, dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Tourette syndrome, and others. The piece is called FARM! A Musical Experience.

New Arts, Cultural Management, and Museum Studies Director Selected

Kiersten F. “KF” Latham has been selected as the new Director of the Arts, Cultural Management, and Museum Studies program for a term of five years, beginning on August 1, 2019. She also will serve as Associate Professor of Arts and Cultural Management. 


Beyond Words: 2020 Curatorial Practices Exhibiton

Curated by twelve Museum Studies students in Professor Susan J. Bandes’ Curatorial Practices course, this virtual exhibition explores the varied relationships between words and images. Words can advocate for equality and foster communities, or present political or religious stances. 



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