We offer two minors, one in arts and cultural management and one in museum studies. These minors are available to any undergraduate student on campus, including our own CAL undergraduates but are appropriate for anyone interested in either field to broaden their knowledge, skills, and opportunities.

“In my experience I’ve found that the minor helped me get in the door. I had two internships during my undergrad, and then had an apprentice position when I graduated that had administrative duties with it. Those experiences have given me the skills and credentials to be considered for full-time work and to figure out what my values are and how I want to make a difference in the non-profit world.”

–Ryan Duda, Arts and Cultural Management Minor Class of 2018

Arts and Cultural Management Minor

Provides students with a theoretical and practical training platform related to the management and advocacy of arts and cultural organizations, and to dimensions of the industry known as artistic and humanistic entrepreneurship. Students will engage with promotion, leadership, budgeting, marketing, planning, and strategies through participation in course work, experiential opportunities such as internships and volunteer positions, and other co-curricular activities that allow them to participate in critical analyses and production of arts and cultural management projects.

Museum Studies Minor

Provides an opportunity for study focused on the development, interpretation, management, preservation, and access of collections of art, cultural history, and natural history, complementing a number of major fields of study: art history, anthropology, apparel, textile and design, botany, business, history, park, recreation and tourism resources, studio art, and zoology. Students who plan graduate study or who wish to pursue careers in museums, libraries, archives, other educational institutions, or corporate collections may find this minor particularly appealing.