Starting in Fall 2021, our program will be all hybrid! This means you will find a combination of course modalities, with some courses being fully online, some part online and part in-person as well as in different meeting times (such as every other week or in shorter length sessions). Many courses will be held in the evenings as well.

We offer three graduate programs: a full Masters degree and two graduate certificates.

Our M.A. program uniquely combines museum studies and arts management curricula, and as such draws diverse cohorts of students from across the performing arts, visual arts, and music, but also from the sciences, history, anthropology, and more. At each stage of the program, we are committed to fostering the perspective that management offers an opportunity to engage with people, and to make a difference in community well-being. To this end, we connect our students with a rich network of experienced faculty and professional mentors who are immersed in the worlds of arts and museums, writ large.

We also offer separate graduate certificates in both Museum Studies and Arts & Cultural Management. Each one is designed for those MSU graduate students in other programs across campus who wish to expand their knowledge into a related field of study and also for working professionals who want to take their professional practice to another level.

M.A. In Arts, Cultural Management, and Museum Studies

A multi- and meta-disciplinary degree that prepares students for leadership positions related to the management and advocacy of museums and arts and cultural organizations or dimensions of an artistic and humanistic entrepreneurial career. Students will customize their program electives for deeper exposure to museum, artistic, and cultural management depending on their area of interest.

Graduate Certificate in Arts and Cultural Management

Provides an opportunity for both graduate students in other MSU programs and working professionals with opportunities not only to improve employment opportunities in creative, artistic and administrative positions but to expand their knowledge around their correlate fields through building skills in management and administration.

Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies

Provides students with theoretical and practical experience in museums and focuses on the ecologies surrounding object-based collections of all kinds. The certificate can enhance a specific field of study through consideration of various museological areas such as curation, education, technology, exhibition and administration. It can also help working professionals build skills and knowledge in these areas.