Undergraduate Minor Spotlight – Isabel Rodriguez

Undergraduate Minor Spotlight – Isabel Rodriguez

Isabel Rodriguez recently graduated with a BFA major in Acting with minors in Musical Theatre and Arts & Cultural Management. Isabel has dreamed of being and artist and performer since she was a little girl and was thrilled that her studies allowed her to train as an actor, singer, and learn about the business and industry sides of the performing arts.

Isabel’s favorite class was Events taught by Tina Newhauser. Isabel says, “I learned so much about the arts management world and the detail and rigor that even preparation and management requires. Tina was an amazing professor and as an acting major, I also had the honor of working alongside her in Department of Theatre productions.”

Isabel’s most memorable ACM experience was her two-year internship with the Wharton Center for Performing Arts, where she had the opportunity to work with supportive and instructive faculty, giving her a well-rounded educational experience.

Isabel’s advice to younger students is to pay attention and be mindful during classes, take advantage of the knowledge your professors offer, and to enjoy the time you spend in class and learning!

Post-graduation, Isabel is excited to move to NYC and begin pursuing her acting and singing career.