Undergraduate Minor Spotlight – Alison Rhen

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Alison Rhen majored in Advertising Management with a minor in ACM&MS. Alison was drawn to the program because it allowed her to pursue her passion for the business side of the arts industry. Her specific interests are in advertising and marketing.

During her time in the program, Alison met some of her best friends, learned from professors who helped her shape her future, and genuinely loved her classes!

One of Alison’s most memorable class experiences was taking Leadership & Innovation, taught by Program Director, Dr. Kiersten Latham. Reflecting on this experience, Alison had this to say, “Dr. Latham taught us ways to become ‘conscious leaders’ and the dialogues she opened up for us still play in my head while I’m at work. This course, in particular, makes me actively stop and think about the ways I interact with others, and if those interactions are meaningful and mindful of the individual and the group.”

Alison’s advice for younger students is to get involved with your program and talk to your professors who are knowledgeable and excited to help you.

Post-graduation, Alison plans to pursue a career in arts marketing alongside a fellow ACM grad.